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    Forum Rules

    Post by Garrix on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:48 am

    The forum rules, since the original thread disapeard some weeks ago

    General Forum Rules:

    - Do not insult other members.
    - Racism/discrimination is forbidden.
    - Do not multipost (blocked, so do not by-pass that) or spam.
    - Please post a thread in a relevant section, else it will be moved or deleted.
    - Do not make multiple account, 1 is enough.
    - Do not bump old threads with useless replies/ out dated information.
    - Always follow section related rules.
    - 18+ content is only alowed in the 18+ section
    - Always listen to moderators.
    - You are not allowed to post any illegal/cracked software/movies/series, you can talk about movies/games/series but NEVER give any download links.
    - Don't steal content, and give credits if alowed to use.
    - Dont PM ADMINS in forum

    - ALWAYS read section related rules before posting in that section!


    - You may get a short term ban for breaking rules.
    - Permanent bans will be given for repitive rule breaking and heavy delicts.
    - IP bans may be given for permanent banned members who create a new account.

    If any ranked member thinks that there must be an additional rule/change, please reply in the News and Announcement Section.

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